16Kg Dhillons Organic Atta

Product: Organic Premium Medium Atta 16KG

Please note due to the exceptionally high demand for our organic atta, you may recieve this product in our partners Paper sacks, This product is of the highest quality, organic and milled right here in the UK. We will use organic certified mills to keep up with the demand for this this product. But each mill is verified and tested to make sure the flour is as good as what you are always used to.


 Organic Medium Atta-

Freshly milled- Organic-

Its freshly milled right here in the UK-Its packed in our recyclable and compositible  paper sacks.-Its as Artisan as you can get.

You will notice the difference within days of eating this atta,

its digestable, not as bloating as regular atta, and with a distinct flavour. If you are the traditional sort of person you will love this atta.


Dhillons Brand produces Naturally good products where quality takes a priority over price tag.

We take pride in our products when Milled, packed and delivered directly to your doorstep.

Our approach is minimal, sourcing the finest natural ingredients grown where possible in the UK.


Storage Details:

Store item sealed in cool dry area.

Do not store in direct sunlight.

16Kg Dhillons Organic Atta

SKU: 16kgorgatta
  • Ingrediants

    100% wheat flour, Niacin, Thiamin, Iodine

  • Nutritional Value

    Nutrition Facts
    For a Serving Size of 0.67 cup (100g)
    Calories 326 Calories from Fat 19.8 (6.1%)
      % Daily Value *
    Total Fat 2.2g -
    Saturated fat 0.3g -
    Sodium 0mg 0%
    Carbohydrates 72.9g -
    Net carbs 63.9g -
    Fiber 9g 36%
    Protein 12.7g  
    Vitamins and minerals
    Vitamin A 0μg 0%
    Vitamin C 0mg 0%
    Calcium 0mg 0%
    Iron 0mg 0%
    Fatty acids
    Amino acids
    * The Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, so your values may change depending on your calorie needs.
  • More Information

    Our atta tastes better than the usual flours that portray a soft and whiter roti is a good roti. Well thats not what we think here, we think a roti that has plenty of fibre, and has no whiteners, softners in the wheat farming process with no use of p[esticides such as round up is a much better option, well this atta will give you all of this. 

    The method used is a traditional milling stoneground method with complete wheat tracing, on top of that we have partnered with farms and mill in the UK to create this  amazing atta so you know that this atta is produced using our full effort to give you the best.

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