What makes a good Bread Flour

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Choosing the right bread flour is simple

Start by having a checklist of what you want to achieve, a simple way is to answer some questions listed below. Most of the flours available at www.etonmillers.co.uk are by Dhillons Brand, which produce very high quality flours.

  1. What type of bread do you want to make, brown white or wholemeal

  2. How much rise is important to you

  3. What is your baking expertise

  4. How often do you bake

  5. What type of yeast to use

  6. How much would you like to spend

Bread flour is measured normally in protein levels, Simply put higher the protein level higher the rise, as that creates both elasticity and rise.

Dhillons Strong white bread flour is made for even the novice baker to bake a brilliant loaf of bread the rises easily, and its available at under 2.00 pounds for 1.5kg at www.etonmillers.co.uk, It makes a white loaf with a lovely crust at the top.

Dhillons brown bread flour is excellent for sourdough and also flat breads, you can make really beautiful tasting chapattis with this type of flour , it has a slightly higher protein content then the white strong bread flour, but the taste and texture is awesome and versality of making flatbreads, wraps and chapattis gives it that special place in a cupboard, my favourite.

Then you have wholemeal flour this sometimes needs improvers and the rise takes a little longer, nevertheless the taste is more stronger and the baking of the bread gives a lovely aroma, colour is darker.

You can use fresh yeast but I would recommend instant dried yeast as it stays longer in the cupboard and the result is just as good as the fresh yeast.

Most good quality bread flours do not need extra improvers but sometimes its worth having some improver to get a more higher rise.

Different types of flours contain different amounts of protein. Plain flour has the lowest amount of protein, usually around 10.5%. Bread flour contains about 12 to 12.7%. High-gluten and whole-wheat flours have about 14% protein.

Flours with different protein levels are good for different kinds of breads. For instance, Plain flour is most suitable for soft white sandwich bread, while bread flour works best for more bloomers and the like.

So most important is the protein level and Dhillons strong white bread flour is perfect for majority of breads, If you like the sandwich type loaf then that normally uses plain flour as its protein level is lower and its more whiter and softer like a pastry or sponge.

www.etonmillers.co.uk have good quality bread flour worth a try.

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