Things you need to know about Arrowroot Flour!

In today's world where technology plays the most important role in everything we do or even think of doing, you can still find people who rely on natural things like herbs and home remedies that can cure their issues and solve their problems. Natural flours made out of herbs, roots, etc. are always useful, and they provide the consumer with the results over time!

However, some may have an immediate effect on the problem, whereas others may take a bit of time to show their effect. Nevertheless, everyone knows how important and useful these products can be! One such product is Arrowroot flour! Yes, you want healthy digestion, healthy sleep, a healthy heart, good blood circulation, weight loss, reduced cholesterol levels, for everything, and many other benefits you can consume arrowroot flour.

Arrowroot flour may be new to you; however, it is gaining popularity due to the benefits it provides to its consumer! You may be wondering how can this be so beneficial? If you are a person who keeps up with the living trends that are natural, then you must have heard of arrowroot! If not, then we are here to answer you that yes, arrowroot is actually good for you and that too a hundred times positive! Let's find out what it is and what are its benefits with reading further!

What is Arrowroot Flour?

Over the decades, for around 70,000 years, arrowroot is being used by people to harness the benefits it provides! From birth defects to skin protection to weight loss, it has the remedy for almost every problem that you may have faced or are still facing! It is touted to be the gluten-free product one can use instead of cornstarch specifically!

Arrowroot flour also called arrowroot powder, or starch is a thickening agent that adds structure and texture in applications involving cooking and baking! As told earlier, it is an alternative to cornstarch, so whatever the function corn starch provides the same goes with arrowroot. Only the difference is with texture and structure; arrowroot provides a lot of other benefits too!

Arrowroot flour is obtained by extracting the starch of tubers of the plant arrowroot! Arrowroot is also scientifically known as Maranta Arundinacea. It is cultivated in climates that are tropical. Furthermore, it is also manufactured for commercial use from the roots of the Cassava plant which is a very famous cuisine of Brazil. It is easily digestible, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

Not to mention it is also free of corn starch and soy! It is flavourless and does not add any opacity like cornstarch to the sauces or dishes made with it. If anyone is trying not to consume gluten soy, potatoes, or corn, then this product is the ultimate and perfect match as a thickening agent.

Nutritional Facts of Arrowroot Flour

Arrowroot flour is a rich source of vitamins such as B9, minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus and magnesium, carbohydrates, fibre, and protein. Here is a list of nutrients you will obtain after consuming a cup of arrowroot flour.

With all the energy and nutrients one can get arrowroot flour you should right away get hold of it and start consuming it.

Benefits of consuming arrowroot flour

Together with the nutrients, arrowroot flour has a lot of benefits after which you cannot stop yourself from buying this product right away! Let's take a look at the advantages one can get after consuming this miraculous product.

1: It is gluten-free

If you're a person who is intolerant to gluten or corn, then arrowroot flour is your ultimate solution. You can consume this flour as a substitute for any wheat flour and cornstarch. It has a mixability with different flour for recipes such as bread and cookies. You can mix the flour with almond flour, tapioca flour, or coconut flour. It is a flour that is free of grains and is vegan and paleo-friendly. Furthermore, as it is gluten-free, it helps decrease the discomforts that are related to a disease known as celiac disease.

2: It is a strong source of vitamin B

Vitamins like riboflavin and niacin are very necessary. Riboflavin helps in decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases whereas niacin helps in the prevention of disease Pellagra that may lead to symptoms such as diarrhoea, dementia, or dermatitis. Furthermore, arrowroot flour also has folate that prevents anaemia and promotes the growth and division of cells. Subsequently, if you consume arrowroot flour you can get all these vitamins and get the benefit they provide.

3: It helps to obtain a healthy digestive system

As arrowroot is rich in starch, it works as a laxative that aids in resulting in the movement of the bowel to help digestion. Arrowroot has been a traditional medicine for patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhoea, and other gastrointestinal issues.

4: It is a good source of nutrients for babies

As shown in the table above, arrowroot flour is loaded with nutrients such as iron, magnesium, sodium, and calcium. These all promote growth and development for babies. It is also a great alternative for breastmilk. It helps the children get rid of issues such as bronchitis, cough, or diarrhoea. Toddlers who have teething issues or pain during teething can chew on arrowroot cookies or biscuits to relieve the pain caused by the process of teething.

5: It helps in reducing the weight

Arrowroot is one of the low-calorie tubers and is cholesterol-free. Consequently consuming arrowroot flour will help people struggling to lose weight. Furthermore, the fiver in arrowroot flour will help in the feeling of fullness that will prevent one from having cravings. Not to mention the nutrient will help in boosting your energy.


Arrowroot flour is a good source of energy and nutrients. One should consume it as much as possible and get rid of the issues that no other medicine can solve. You can order arrowroot flour online via and get Dhillon's arrowroot flour which is the best quality of all! Grab your pack of nutrients and boost your energy right away!

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